Speaking & Training Topics

Tailored for You

Based on your needs and situation, Mary will design her keynote speech or training program for you utilizing some of the topics below. Feel free to let her know which topics are of most interest to you.

Your first 90 days

  • You signed the contract, now what?
  • You want to sponsor, now what?
  • You have customers, now what?
  • New client training 101
  • You want to decorate your house, now what? – Hey It’s My Business and I Happen To Be Good At That Too!
  • You want to sell, now what?

Productivity and Communication

  • You are overwhelmed, now what?
  • You are freaked out by the channel, now what?
  • Language that works
  • Go get the zeros


  • You signed a new team member, now what?
  • You are a leader, now what?
  • You want to be a coach, now what?
  • You want to build a team culture, now what?
  • You want to influence others, now what?

Personal and Team Growth

  • You have a brand, now what?
  • You are holding an event, now what?
  • You are presenting, now what?
  • Your team isn’t working, now what?
  • You are losing people, now what?
  • You want to hold team meetings, now what?
  • You want to throw a “classy, everyone wants to be there”, dinner party, now what?
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