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New Four Week Webinar Series! Provides you with the tools you need to achieve your goals in 2020!

Week 1: Recruiting with Invitation
Week 2: Leadership 101
Week 3: Events
Week 4: Open New Consultant Training

Webinar has ended.
New webinar schedule coming soon.

Create Growth, Confidence, and Build Skill Set

From the Elevated Engagement series. This virtual training is built to grow your business and develop your skill-set. You will learn inviting language, how to engage your strongest assets, and how to build others as you grow. Whether you are a new consultant or a seasoned leader this series for you. 

Webinar has ended.
New webinar schedule coming soon.

The Gift of Leadership- So You're A Leader, Now What??

Have you ever wondered how the top earners achieved their success? Have you been searching for a better way to develop yourself as a leader and create a dynamic team? Join Mary as she guides you through the five core strategies she has implemented throughout her career to elevate consultants to the top positions in their companies.

Webinar has ended.
New webinar schedule coming soon.

Benefits Gained

Foster Your Innovation and Creativity

Spark your brain to work to its full potential. Succeeding in direct sales is very difficult, however with Mary's teachings your potential is virtually unlimited.

Increase Your Productivity and Leadership

Develop your skills, learn new techniques and build on your skills so that you can improve performance through increased productivity and leadership.

Upgrade Your Communication Skills

Communication is like water to life. You can not develop without effective communication. Learn critical techniques to establish yourself as the expert.

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