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Meet Mary

I can help you affect your bottom line productivity so that you can meet your goals faster. I provide you with the tools and expertise to support and motivate you and your organization. My coaching, training and keynote speeches will grow, connect, and elevate you to a level that you never thought possible.

Let me help you build, brand and grow your organization.” MH


I began with the small step of signing up with a direct sales company.  The brand was well-known, I loved the products, and I made a little extra money, so it seemed like a great solution.  I had no idea how successful I would become, or how much I would fall in love with the direct sales business model. Helping others achieve success like I did was my favorite perk. The growth was astounding, and within two years, I was in management in a multimillion dollar organization.  I continued to enjoy the ride, developing systems and skills to help others grow as I did, and my leadership acumen began to be noticed by other brands.  After eight years, I was hired as a corporate business developer for an international brand that was worth billions.

International Leader and Growth Expert

For another eight years, I did anything and everything to grow the business.  Known as international leader and growth expert, I did everything from developing recruiting strategies, building compensation plans, and creating incentive programs to writing budgets, presenting to the Board of Directors, and speaking at events all over North America.  I wasn’t just climbing the corporate ladder; I was building it.  Amidst all of this, my motivation never wavered: I just wanted to influence others to grow as she had.

What Does She Do?

Consulting, Coaching, Speaking

So, in 2016, Mary left the big brands and started my own consulting business.  I went full-throttle forward and hasn’t looked back. Known for my transparency and for being “real,” I continue to inspire and influence individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes.  My coaching style is genuine and engaging, and I put my all into each client relationship.

Success Factors

I believe that one of the biggest factors to success is understanding why you do what you do.  For me, it’s helping others.  By knowing that, I have been a positive force for large companies and small startups alike, helping them earn billions of dollars in revenue.  My three-pronged approach to growth blends culture, systems, and volume into a winning action plan for the growth of any business or organization.  I truly love helping businesses grow, and we have accomplished that over and over again.

How Can Mary Help You?

Develop, Grow, Dominate

If you need a partner to build programs for growth, a cheerleader to support you on the way, or a mechanic to help you develop your toolbox and skillset, I can help.  My mission is to help you grow, and my ability to do so is proven.  My collaborative leadership style will help you develop a plan for your team, business, or company that will not only allow you to achieve your goals, but exceed them, using tried and true methods combined with the most current information available. I will help you create achievable goals and teach you how to reach them, loving what you do.

Free Consultation

Take a look around my site at the programs and information I have to offer and contact me today to set up a free consultation.  You want to grow your business.  With Mary Hoff in your corner, you can.


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