Who Knew? I did not set out to be an expert in the direct sales channel. Did you? I was a Russian History Poli-sci junkie, yes, I am pretty good at Jeopardy. I also happen to love beautiful décor, great skin, cool clothes, sparkly jewelry, you get it; all things beautiful in life.

Over these things I value relationships and it is easy to see that once you are in my world I want you there forever. I don’t like change and I don’t let go easily. I also find myself super excited about sharing great finds with other people, you see I want my friends to know about life’s beautiful things.

Why? Because I believe it will enrich their life and my goal, need, drive, desire to share all things beautiful turned into a business. Think about that drive that you have; are you benefiting others with your passion for what you love. If not, why? Excitement, confidence, and openness are like crack for connecting. Get out there and engage others in what you love. Here are some ways in which to do just that!

1. Finding your passion?

Actually, it is not hard to find what you are passionate about within direct sales. For the most part, it is both the opportunity and the products or services your company offers that originally got you excited about partnering and building your business.

One tip, however, decide what you are most passionate about and focus in on elevating others with it.

Basically, in today's online lingo, get niche' with your direct sales opportunity, find what matters most to you and focus in on creating an authentic message. This message will allow you to be you and also target a particular individual and start building.

Is it the opportunity? The products or services? A particular product itself? Well, what got you started? Find that answer and you'll find a message that resonates with many others out here, that is how you target an audience today and find that passionate voice that they'll listen to and even follow. A little secret; in the process you will also discover your why, bonus!!

2. Finding confidence.

Confidence is complicated. As a matter of fact, the reason most people fail at direct sales is not the lack of passion, it is a lack of confidence in that passion!

See, you could have one of the best products for helping yourself and others to create the best skin of their lives however all the passion in the world is not going to give you the confidence to pick up the phone and call your chicken list.

Confidence is key. Confidence is not boastful either. It is not proud. It is not self-righteous or self-centered either. Confidence is knowing that you have that passion for something that actually works, and the guts to share it with someone who needs it.

And here is how to build that confidence...

3. Start with sharing- Facebook and Instagram-

One way to get out there and grow that confidence, openness, and excitement in your new business and its products or services, is to literally get in front of the world!

Nothing breaks the ice of confidence like getting out here online and sharing your message. Trust me, it is safe here, it's not like you are standing in a room where the chance of a rotten tomato or two may come flying from the dark at you.

Here you can literally build a community of like-minded people faster, and with more accuracy in targeting that right audience with your passion through the content you create, share, and engage with.

Besides, as the comments, questions, and interaction grow, so will your knowledge in your direct selling business, and soon enough, you'll be that expert go-to guy or gal people need today.

Want to break the ice, and without the worry at first?  Keep it simple and grow your audience through your Facebook Page using groups, message, and live stream.

Most importantly, you can build the one thing every successful direct salesperson knows is the foundation of their success here, growing relationships.

You can be an expert too

How did I become an expert? I started scared and I put the facts before the fear.

The facts are; if you invite your people to events and market what the value is  to them they will show up. How do you show value? Circle back to your passion. If you invite and launch based upon the benefit to others, they will say yes and they will show up. Put those shoulders back, you have an amazing company!

Learning to share your passion by inviting others into your world and by exploring how what you have can benefit them will transform you into an confident expert. Who knew?

Influencing others to growth is at the core of my why. I have taken this why and turned it into my mission so that you can build culture, systems, and volume. This allows you to make my mission your asset.

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