Here I want to help you get past the first hurdle, and that is how to choose the right direct sales opportunity for you...

Personally speaking, choosing to ride on some new biz-opp-bandwagon creates more failures than it creates success stories. Reason being, well, there are a few of them, and one, the first one is the biggest issue we’ll cover here.

Together you and I will look at the best way to choose the right direct sales business opportunity for you, and what to look for in the business itself…

The right opportunity for you?

It is one thing to fall for the hype you see in your Facebook feed, and it is a whole other to have to explain to your significant other how you blew it on the latest greatest opportunity out here, again.

While I believe things have settled down online from a business and consultants standpoint, the hyperbole has not. Even today my own social media stream if full of one crazy offer or another here and there.

Not that I believe every opportunity you see here or there online is some money trap waiting to happen, actually, just the opposite. I believe direct sales business opportunities are not only viable, I believe they are absolutely wonderful!

However, just because it is a great business does not mean it is a great business for you!

I am not a believer in the whole “you can sell anything” book of business. I think it takes a passion for whatever your potential choice is here. I do not believe in joining something you have no interest in.

I have been a business consultant for some time now, and I've taught people how to find and build a strong and thriving direct sales business.

The best advice, the advice that worked most often was simple, I’d tell them to “find what they are passionate about and build on that.”

I think the same goes for this particular industry as it does for any.

Passion and need.

What are you passionate about or, what do you need?

These two simple questions will literally help you make a much better decision on what opportunity to partner with, or better yet, who to partner with.

Need to lose weight? Love the smell of oils? Need cheaper electricity? Or, are you into fashion? What about exercise, do you love it and maybe need it?

These different needs and passions/hobbies are a perfect place to start. Think about what you are passionate about or, what is your biggest need or desire in life right now.

For me, it was not more money, that is simply a side effect of sharing with others the success I was seeing, and helping them achieve it, simply put, I was fulfilling their needs and wants.

So, what are you passionate about? What do you need in your life right now to better it mentally, physically, and or, emotionally?

Figure that out, and then get to searching the products or services within the direct sales industry that can help you.

The who you join.

Partner with someone who gets it! Partner with someone who is as like-minded, and who is truly a leader.

They do not have to be lifelong direct sales expert either making millions of dollars a year, but they do have to have the enthusiasm and knowledge of their particular business and the ability to lead.

Enthusiasm will keep you going, as long as you choose it. Knowledge of the business and how to market and share it, well, that is the basis for building a business, right? Right.

Who you join will matter, and I will add this; it will and most likely can be the biggest reason behind your success, or failure here, next to choosing the right opportunity for you that is...

I partnered with someone back then I got to know, someone I trusted, and that made the difference right out of the gate!


Do not fall for the hype, or what is constantly floating through your Facebook stream, let it go and find an opportunity that truly matters to you, something that you are either passionate about or need in your life to change it for the better and meet the goals you've set for yourself.

Choose you, choose what you like, do not let hyperbole and people talk you into partnering with a direct sales company that mattes nothing to you, in the end, that will spell failure.

Success is inevitable I believe if you care about what you are doing, and how it can help others…

Talk with you soon!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much...

Talk with you soon!

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Influencing others to growth is at the core of my why. I have taken this why and turned it into my mission so that you can build culture, systems, and volume. This allows you to make my mission your asset.

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