We all have limited time every week; if you are veteran or if you are new to this channel you will find it can be confusing and to be honest, it can be freaking overwhelming.

But, here, we can reduce the noise and focus on three tried and true ways to grow your network marketing business faster.

And remember this; "success story within the network marketing industry is built on people taking swift and massive action."

You do not need to know everything, only what matters most here when it comes to building your organization, it's leaders, and a strong your business overall.

What you need is to know the following, and have the willingness to take action with it. So, with that, let's dive in...

Ask for the yes.

How many times do you have to ask to get to the yes?

The process is about the asking, not about the telling. I have seen so many copy and paste disasters that it makes my heart hurt. These big long grand personal messages with links built into them however not an ounce of connection. This business is about connection.


When reaching out on social media, take the time to read the person’s profile. Also get to know them. Treat the people out you are reaching out to like potential clients, do your research. It is the reason ‘network marketing’ works because you are reaching out to your network if they aren’t part of your network it is your job to do the heavy lifting and show them the benefit to them.

Here is another biggie- TALK to people- whattttt??? Did she just say talk to people? Yes, the higher your level of engagement with the people you want to influence the greater chance you have of influencing them. It is why at one point I have a $500,000 a year budget to meet with clients, present to them, and take them to dinner.

Big Business knows it is important to grow by engaging face to face and voice to voice! It is why Potter Barn calls and invites me personally to their design classes. Start thinking about this – if it is good enough for big brands shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

Support growth.

Leaders turn out more leaders.

You have to be able to help people grow their business through coaching them and being the kind of upline, that truly cares to see your downline get going in the right direction.

You are responsible for those your recruit into your business, and they, in turn, are responsible for those they recruit and on it goes. What does that mean? It means get your processes in place, structure if vital to the growth of any organization.

If your team doesn't know what to follow they will try to create the wheel or they will simply go away. In the direct sales platform, we lose them almost as fast as we add them if they don’t have a clear 'why' to see the path to success.

However, if you do not do your job as their leader, well, you get the point. Leaders have a system in place, a duplicatable system that is easy to follow, if someone fails here, it should never be due to the lack of leadership, period.

All strong and successful organizations and successful individuals within the MLM industry know and are in fact leaders, and they do the following...

Be an example.

Leaders are examples. If you want to grow your network marketing business it takes people, and they need to succeed!

Leading by example means to live out what you say. Too many times do I see so-called mindset gurus and coaches talk the talk, but with all that talking they hardly have the time to do what it is they say. Or it seems leaders have a secret and they are the only ones who can know it.

I have influenced billions of dollars of growth with 6 plus companies with many of the top leaders I worked with still at these companies grow. Here is the secret to the fastest growing leaders ever…they share what they are doing and they keep it simple.

Keeping it simple equates to focusing on activities that actually work when it comes to growing your business. Process your conversations and book your time to grow your front line and then share it with your team. GO LIVE- tell them about what you did to get a WIN! Your team will follow you, winners build winners and doers build doers.

Either way, both are simple strategies and best practices to use for anyone. And, yes, it comes with some kick-in-the-pants mindset training, but, for the most part, it is all strategy.

Keep it simple, and lead by example, this is a must today when it comes to turning out leaders that in turn do the same, turn out leaders!

With that, get started on putting together these three things in your efforts for growing your network marketing business today, and see what happens tomorrow...

Talk with you soon!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much...

Talk with you soon!

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Influencing others to growth is at the core of my why. I have taken this why and turned it into my mission so that you can build culture, systems, and volume. This allows you to make my mission your asset.

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